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30 Nov | -0001

Top 5 Customer Getting Ideas for Insurance Agents

As an insurance agent, you have to constantly be on the lookout for new clients.

As a result you might find your lead sources drying up often.

In this article we'll talking about some other ways of getting new clients and closing them.

There are still plenty of people out there who are not covered

So here...

30 Nov | -0001

Tips and Tricks for New Insurance Sales Agents

Anyone venturing into a new business, project or career, would want to be successful right from the start. When it comes to insurance business, it might not be an easy road at first. Insurance products are indeed hard to sell, but with the right outlook and hardwork, making a profitable and rewarding sale is a possibility. Here are 5 tips for those...

30 Nov | -0001

How to Sell Insurance Policy to Agencies

The goal of any insurance agent is one – to generate leads and increase more sales. Each and every insurance agent possess different styles but when they fail to convince a customer, their sales career might not turn out to be successful. But, don’t lose hope! These 3 tips are sure to give you a good start, if you are aiming to sell insurance...

30 Nov | -0001

Top 5 Tips for Selling Insurance Policies

Insurance agents are responsible in selling insurance policies for customers to meet their demands. Due to a plethora of insurance policies out there in the market, people will find it hard to pick one. This is where you, as an insurance agent, should seize the opportunity to make a sale. So, are you a struggling agent finding it hard to sell insurance...

10 Feb | 2017

3 Tips on the Correct Way to Sell Insurance over the Phone

Are you frustrated by the high number of rejected sales pitches you’ve made through phone calls? Do you wonder why some agents make higher sales daily? Perhaps you are not selling correctly yet you have a selling product. Do you wish to increase your sales? The truth is that, selling insurance via phone is a tough job if one hasn’t mastered...

10 Feb | 2017

How to Be Successful In Insurance Sales

Do you want to be one of the best insurance agents in your company? Do you want to know what differentiates a big seller and an ordinary sales agent who sells a few policies to live by? Truthfully, selling isn’t everyone’s forte. However, if you believe in your abilities, you will be able to make high sales. Here are the secrets to your...

08 Feb | 2017

Does the Type of Truck Matter?

There are all different types of commercial trucks, everything from 18-wheelers to garbage trucks to box trucks and most of them are not meant for long hauls. Each has a different role in trucking and what a person is hauling is just as important as who is hauling it. But when it’s a long haul, there are different aspects to consider especially...

08 Feb | 2017

Cargo Theft and Insurance Coverage

Cargo insurance policies are not the same. It is well known that insurers compete and vary on the extent of coverage, service, loss prevention, and pricing. The US has a high level of cargo theft. Although over the past year cargo theft has decreased by approximately 12%, with the new technological and sophisticated tactics by thieves this number is...

05 Feb | 2017

How to Sell Insurance Policy to Customers

Before contacting your potential client, you should know that your potential customer doesn’t believe that they need the insurance product you are selling. As a sales agent, your work is to convince them that they need it and you are the best company to offer them the product. To convince the buyer and to be a lead selling agent, implement the...

03 Feb | 2017

5 Winter Weather Safety Preparedness Tips for Your Clients

The winter can be a hazardous time for any driver, but when driving a large multi-ton piece of machinery like a tractor trailer truck, it can be absolutely dangerous. As independent truck insurance agents, it is good practice to make sure your clients know how winter weather can create poor conditions for trucking accidents since this can affect insurance...