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Ladies in Trucking

Traditionally when we think of truckers, we do not think of women but women have become a large part of the trucking industry and enjoy the long haul trucking experience just as much as men. In fact with all of the talk of driver shortages, women have stepped up to the plate in more recent years and 10-15% of truckers are female. That’s not to say ladies are going to take over trucking, but it is no longer the “butch”, “manly” or generally marginalized women that are interested in trucking.

There are many benefits of having female drivers on the roads with big rigs. Generally speaking women are considered better drivers so their trucking insurance rates will be lower and they may not require the high risk commercial truck insurance that some men might due to their driving records. Women will also have lower truck insurance premiums for the same reason. Trucking managers like to hire women because they tend to have more compassion and might present themselves better. Trucking companies can benefit from these softer attributes. The problem is training though.

There are fewer female trainers so that can be a factor in getting into trucking. If a woman has to wait 6 months before being trained, she will probably find another job. Beyond  waiting, the biggest turnoff for women in trucking is safety. No one is guaranteed safety out on the road, especially in truck stops and motels. This is why a lot of female drivers are team drivers, many times being teamed up with a husband or mate. There are also some teams of only females, safety in numbers.

Trucking is definitely not for everyone. There are brutal realities that come with being a trucker that can be a huge turnoff for women in trucking just as it would men, but there
can also be many benefits for the right person.

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