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How to grow your Independent insurance agency

Insurance business is very competitive! There are many big national insurance companies out there, which have amazing marketing budgets to attract customers. On the other hand, your independent insurance agency may lack the necessary resources to compete with them. However, 58% of the all the P&C insurance premiums are earned by independent agencies as reported by the Accenture Independent Agent Survey. Here are some tips to grow your independent insurance business,

  • The most important step to achieve success in this business is to hire the right people for the job and retain them. While hiring, recruit people who have skills that you don’t have. If you are good at the technicalities of the business, hire someone who is good at marketing and sales. By this way you can diversify the expertise of your company.
  • Keep up with the recent trends in technology and upgrade your agency regularly. Make use of all the back office tools that could make your agency more profitable and successful.
  • Spend some resources on your social media campaign. Remember that your potential customers are always online. Have a social media account for your agency and actively engage with others many times a week. Though it takes some time, it can leave a powerful impact on your targets. Use Facebook and Twitter to make contact with personal line clients and use LinkedIn for commercial clients.
  • Go for many insurance related seminars and conferences to develop positive business relationships. More than just attracting clients, get in contact with other business professionals to grow your business and build reputation.
  • There is no such thing as too much education in the insurance field. By improving your education, you can give your agency more credibility and expertise. Most people trust an agency which has highly educated individuals.

Always find a way to provide unique services and outshine others for grow your business to the Top level.

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