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How to Generate More Business for Your Insurance Agency

The business of providing Insurance is perhaps one of the most challenging businesses. The key challenge being, to convince the prospects that they need insurance and that is no mean feat! Maybe you already have a healthy book that earns continuous renewal commissions. If you do, great – but that is no reason to become carefree. Just like your body becomes lax without workout, so will your agency if you don’t get up and running!

The key to getting and staying active is to set realistic and concrete goals for your business. The more specific you can make them, the easier it is to check them off list.

Of course, sometimes sketching out a plan can look like a daunting business so let us assist you in doing that and easing out.

Religiously Attend Events Of Insurance Industry

They say knowledge is power and no matter how much you study, there is always something more to learn. Attending forums, conferences, and tradeshows might seem like an expensive deal and an unnecessary hassle, but the value they add to your agency is worth every penny spent. They provide you with an opportunity to network with potential clients or prospective business partners, learn new skills and basically broaden your overall horizon regarding this particular field.

Be Informed About Potential Industries to Target

Research is the key to getting anywhere. Again, knowledge is power. Especially if you are not one of the big players in this filed then targeted marketing efforts can pay off big since small insurance agencies don’t have the resources to mount massive advertising campaigns. Agents who specialize in a particular class often reap the benefits of being the insurance expert for that industry, but only if they choose the industry wisely. For instance those taking up the field of truck insurance will require to be informed of what their client base will be like so that they can strategize accordingly.

Identify Prospective Customers

The world is global & everything is available online, any potential customers looking for insurance can simply Google “insurance agent” and choose you from all the other insurance agents that pop up. Maybe they’ll search the Yellow Pages, if they’re old-school, and give you a call. Or they could take a walk, see your office, and walk just right in. But would you really just rely on chances? A better idea is to be proactive and identify your ideal customers, hand out a few business cards on general meet ups or the events we just discussed about above. This will help garner more clients, the ones that stay and not the kinds looking for a window shopping. Holding them of course will depend on how you present your plans.

Brainstorming With Your Team

One of the most productive ways of finding new ideas, i believe, is to brainstorm. Pencil in an hour once every few weeks to toss around ideas with your staff about how you might connect with potential customers. The more heads in the game, the more strategies to choose from. You never know who might come up with a million dollar idea. So, leave no man out. Sometimes the simplest of ideas create the strongest of ripples!!

Build Partnerships with Small-Business Owners

We all live by the principle of quid pro quo. Reciprocity is the name of the game. Other small-business owners are out hustling for customers same as you are, so why not help each other out by sharing leads?

Make a list of the businesses in your area – e.g., car dealerships, bakeries, and real estate agents – where the customer base might overlap. Then, get creative. Send your clients cookies when they renew, and the baker recommends your agency to their suppliers. Maybe you cut a deal for real estate agent’s insurance, and they send new homeowners your way.

Don’t leave out other insurance agents, either. Partner with an agent who specializes in a line or class you don’t. That way, they might send a general contractor who needs truck insurance, your way. Team effort all the way!

Amp Up Your Social Media Skills

Social media marketing, as we all know is the new platform to sell your products and services. The 2014 Agency Universe Study revealed the importance of social media marketing for insurance agencies. While 43 percent used social media as a part of their marketing strategies, 46 percent of them reported that its effective usage was a top technological challenge.

Marketing your agency through social media means more than creating a Facebook page and a Twitter account. You’ll need to create content that is relevant and engaging to your potential customers, and that takes forethought and planning. Guess what, this post is one such example!!

So, apply these few tips and see your business touch new heights! We wish you luck. Until our next article that will deal with tips for new agents in the field of truck insurance.

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