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Five amazing tricks to sell more truck insurance

Being an insurance agent is one of the most wonderful jobs in the world.

But it takes a substantial amount of hard work and intelligence to be successful in this field.

When it comes to selling truck insurance, it is estimated that there are 15.5 million trucks in operation in the United States out of which approximately 2 million are tractor trailers.

Also, only 16% of accidents that are related to commercial trucks are the fault of the truck-driver. Other than that, California, Texas, Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania have the highest number of truck accidents.

Hence, it wouldn’t be very difficult to convince a truck driver to buy insurance. Here are some tips that could help you achieve it.

  • Dress more professionally if you want your clients to take you or the company you represent more seriously. It could also boost your own self confidence. Moreover, remember the way you speak, plays an important role in the sales. So speak more clearly and make sure that you repeat what your potential customer tells you. It would show that you are really listening to them and care more.
  • Find something common about you and your potential customers and have a chat with them. Once you have formed a bonding with them, explain what you have got to say about the insurance.
  • Other than the benefits, list the things that they would miss if they don’t have truck insurance. It will make them believe that they really need the policy.
  • Understand the motivation of the customers and talk to them according. Identify the plans that would attract their unique personality and offer packages that they consider as really beneficial to them.
  • Focus on how much profit they would have at the end and make them establish a long term vision.

However, do not push them too hard. No one likes to be told what to do.

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