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Drones vs Trucks

Drones have recently become part of the conversation on the capacity shortage for trucking. Several companies are trying to get in on the business since there are only so many trucks on the road and many personal package deliveries that can be delivered by drones. Larger companies like UPS have been testing the idea of drones for awhile and are finding impressive results. This leaves many of us wondering how this will affect trucking.

Right now the trucking industry is strong since the economy has been booming. Having additional ways to transport smaller packages can be a great way to make up for the lack of trucks. Of course there are many regulators concerned with more than the idea but the actual delivery itself. There are a lot of considerations to having drones deliver. How will they land or will they land, what about if one gets tangled or a package falls and hurts someone.

What if they have a run-in with an animal? What type of insurance will be required? Right now we have trucking insurance. Drivers are required to have physical damage truck  insurance and liability truck insurance. What would it look like for drones if they have an accident like damaging property or even hurting someone?

And what about cargo coverage insurance for drones? Would independent truck insurance agents get involved in drone delivery insurance?

There are so many aspects of drone deliveries that are still outstanding that will need to be settled before anyone can go live with drone deliveries. And with the speed of technology Federal regulators have already started working a plan for the future of drones. Hopefully it will be greeted as a positive alternative to the capacity shortages we are facing in the upcoming year.

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