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5 Sales Tips for New Truck Insurance Agents

Congratulations! Now that you have finally decided that you wish to be an Insurance Agent. The job requires some exceptional skills on the part of the Agent. Especially those of salesmanship, while, this may look slightly daunting. Do not worry. We all find ourselves in that place at one point of our careers. We may have had peers or co-workers who joke with us calling words like Rookie or Newbie as terms of endearment. Better still, had them take us under their wings and teach us about our new environment.

The truth is that any advice is helpful when you’re entering a new field. New insurance agents understandably feel overwhelmed as they begin navigating the complex world of insurance, sales, customer service and even agency management.

Worry not. We have you covered. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best advice for your first day at work. It's an advice that will be useful to you for years. In fact, may be down the road, you use this list as a reference to your juniors.


If you decided to choose to be a truck insurance agent, you were well aware that you will be dealing with customers. In fact may be even a particular kind of customer. And to deal with customers means to be well versed with interpersonal skills. You can now thank that job in the restaurant that you needed to pay bills during college for your patient service skills. Simply recall those. Remember how your performance was being evaluated every second by your restaurant guests? There are some very interesting parallels between client servicing in the hospitality sector and the insurance sector; in both cases you’re dealing with a client who expects the best customer service, and at the earliest.

Customer service often sets competitors apart from one another in highly competitive businesses like insurance. So learn it by rote that interpersonal skills are a must.


As a sales professional, your job is to find the product that is best for your client’s needs, and educate your prospect about that product. It’s not a one-time deal. Selling insurance means starting a lifelong relationship with your client. Which means you will always have to be on your A-Game. Observe the top salespeople in your filed. Try and emulate their patterns. Find out how they have reached where they have reached and what changes you need to bring about in order to be there. Learn from the experts, but also figure out what works best for your individual selling style, and what sets you apart from your competitors,


So, your first gig and you did not clinch the deal. Relax. Breathe.  You’re not the only person in the world that has been rejected by a prospect, but you might not know that if you don’t talk to other people and share your experiences, while listening and learning from theirs. If you’re an independent insurance agent or just joined an agency, look for tools such as trainings, support and encouragement from your support team. Even, if you are working solo, there several tools and techniques available online. Find them. Use them. Thank us.


First impressions count. It might sound harsh, but we do form a perception of who a person is based on how they dress. So, keep it clean and classy, and learn what styles work best for you. If you need help, department stores have personal shoppers that might assist you. Or, ask a fashionable friend. Whatever be the way for you, just make sure that your appearance is making the right statement.


More than useless small talks, indulge in asking about a prospect's family, work and interests. This will better help jump-start the conversation and make you both feel at ease. Remember to focus on your client: after all, you’re here for them. Conversation is a brilliant way to indulge others. The act of listening shows people that you care. It is very rare to find someone who just wants to listen, wants to hear all about your day or a recent trip. You might not encounter these people very often, but when you do, they really stand out. Be that person for the prospect. When you speak with prospects and listen to what they have to say, you’re showing you value them.

These are five tips for you to take home and study over and over until you have ingrained them in your conscious mind. Being a truck insurance agent is not an easy deal. The clients can be difficult and have many queries. Be prepared. Be ready. Do it with conviction and you are good to go!

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