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5 Key Prospecting Tips For New Insurance Agents

It’s no surprise that insurance prospecting is one of the most daunting challenges faced by advisors over the years, especially if you deal in insurance of trucks as an independent commercial agent. If you are also one of those agents who consider prospecting as a massive challenge in your profession, then here are five tried and test tips to help you through the ordeal.

Make use of Referrals or Leads

One of the surest ways of prospecting is having a steady stream of qualified referrals to look up. It is the lifeblood of any agency. It is also the most effective way to prospect for new business and for good reason. There isn’t one single great method. There are, however, hundreds of ways to generate leads. The more you use, the more leads you’ll generate. Having a strong referral-generating process in place will ensure not only that you are constantly introduced to new prospects, but that you are constantly introduced to the right prospects — the ones that meet your Ideal Client profile.

Know Your Way Online

Today almost everything is available online. Every service including insurance is as far as a click of a button. Which means almost every agent has their own sites and are already looking for prospects online, leading to an already heavy competition for attention. In such case Building a strong online brand and having a well-positioned spot in the search engines can be of much help.

Be Specific

Insurance agents generally offer more than one kind of cover plan. While this diversifies your portfolio and can make you more business, it doesn’t mean you should be marketing yourself as jack of all trades. The key is to be the Master of One! Show your prospects that though you offer varied options, should they chose, but you have a particular specialization. And this bit of information should be very clear in your description.

Use Impactful Speech

How you introduce yourself and your plan should be in tandem with the client and his thought process and should not be a cause of friction. Always remember the golden rule, “first impression is the last impression”.  What you say in your first interaction with your client will set the mood for all future interactions, so make sure it is the best one.

Be Prepared

The field of prospecting is all about gift of garb and a presentation that appeals to the prospects. Which means during your interactions, as you explain to them any plans, objections can be raised. Do enough research and think far and wide in order to prepare yourself for any curve ball thrown your way. Be prudent and alert in predicting what possible questions may be posed and you will be golden.

Follow Core Actions

The idea is not to just attract prospects but also to close the deal. While these points will surely help attract prospects what will help you keep them is efficiency you show in contacting the prospects once you know that they are warming up and secondly and most importantly presenting to them a Unique Value Proposition. Something they cannot deny. Pull this off and you are golden!

Final Word

These are five definite hacks of getting the traffic of prospects running towards you.

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