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Insurance Truck is a software based quoting system for Auto Liability and MTC. If you are an agency and are looking for more markets try using our system and get appointed with us today!

Why Insurance Truck?
Take a look at what we offer:

Auto Liability

Auto liability insurance is among the most important insurance needs for automobile owners. This is also mandatory in most states, although the minimum insurance value may vary from state to state. Auto liability insurances will keep you protected from claims arising from injury or damage to others in the event of an accident.


Cargo Insurance is to cover the commodity or freight that is hauled by a commercial / 'for hire' truck. Motor Truck cargo insurance will pay for liability arising from damage to cargo from collision, fire, striking, the load being dumped accidently on the roadway/waterway and includes the cost of removing debris, extracting pollutants on account of the debris as well as prevention of further loss to the cargo that has already suffered damage.